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Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM.

Some important points. First, healthcare is what happens when you see your doctor, pick-up a medication or undergo a procedure. Health insurance helps you pay for healthcare and protects you against a potentially high-cost event. However, within the current insurance-based model, insurance raises the price of healthcare.

So, we have taken this broken system and transformed it into a delivery model built around you and your doctors. We remove the insurance industry’s interaction with your primary care doctor by offering membership in HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM for $100 per month. Without an insurance company between you and your primary care doctor and needed specialists, we decrease the cost of healthcare and allow our doctors to focus on you.

We then take our high-quality, low-cost, patient-centered healthcare ecosystem and pair it with insurance products to offset the cost of care and protect against those rare, high-cost catastrophic events that worry us all. Since most of healthcare can be managed in primary care, the cost of these insurance products decreases significantly.

It is the best of both worlds: low cost healthcare with you at its center and protection against the cost of care when more is needed.

What is HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM?

HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlus is a healthcare solution that removes the burden of insurance from the delivery of routine medical care. This is our foundation. HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlus also removes the health insurance interaction and its associated increased costs from much of outpatient care.

This simple move leads to drastic cost savings and improvement in the quality of care.

What makes the HIPnationSM solution special?

HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM is built upon a simple belief—that healthcare should be between you and your doctor. With our innovative approach, you will receive personalized primary care with a physician who will partner with you to maximize your health and wellness. Great patient care and improved health outcomes happen when your doctor knows you well and has time to spend with you. This is what we mean when we talk about putting you at the center of healthcare. Enjoy a doctor focused exclusively on you and not distracted by the insurance industry.

What services are provided in your Primary Care Doctor’s office?

  • History and Physicals
  • Prevention and Wellness
  • Acute Care Needs
  • Minor Office Procedures
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • A team of wellness coaches, dieticians, and others assisting in your care
  • A community of specialists surrounding your personal physician to answer more specialized medical questions, which means you may not need to take time out of your schedule to actually visit a specialist

What does the “Plus” in HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM mean?

To further drive down the cost of healthcare, we have contracted with additional service providers you may need at significantly reduced cash rates including:

Imaging, labs, and

Specialty physician
office consultations

Specialty office-based procedures and outpatient ambulatory surgeries

What does HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM cost?

The cost of membership is $100 per person per month, which provides members 24/7 access to a personal HIPnation Primary Care Physician—available by phone, secure message text, or video. This simple concept of removing insurance can then be applied to the rest of outpatient care with similar remarkable results—labs, imaging, medications, specialty consultations, and surgical procedures now become significantly less expensive.

We then take our high quality, low cost, patient-centered healthcare ecosystem and pair it with insurance products to offset the cost of care and protect against those rare, high-cost catastrophic events that worry us all. Since most of healthcare can be managed in primary care and is no longer under the constraints of insurance, the cost of these insurance products decreases significantly as well.

The effect of this approach: reduce your total healthcare costs by as much as 50% while providing access to concierge-level primary care.

It is important to note that membership in HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlus is for a minimum of 6-months. Membership will renew automatically monthly. Please see the Membership Agreement for more information.

Indemnity Insurance

Provided by New Era Health

We have partnered with New Era Health to deliver, to HIPnationSM members who qualify, an indemnity product that matches perfectly with our healthcare delivery solution. With our approach, you, as a HIPnationSM member, contract directly with New Era Health. New Era Health will not tell you how to spend your money or run up the costs of your healthcare. New Era provides a product that pays you every time you touch the healthcare system. When you visit your doctor, fill a prescription, get lab work, need something bigger like surgery, or are hospitalized, the indemnity plan pays a fixed, pre-determined amount to you to help cover a portion of the bill.

What does the indemnity product provide?

This can vary depending upon the indemnity level you purchase.

You can discuss how this works in more specific terms with our recommended brokers, but one of the most commonly purchased plans, Health Choice Select from New Era, pays you:

Primary care reimbursements from New Era $125 for annual wellness exams
$80 for each additional office visit
Specialty care consultations $80 per office visit
Ambulatory surgery under general anesthesia variable based upon surgical procedure but never less than $3,000
Ancillary service expenses Lab work – $40
Prescriptions – $30 brand, $15 generic
Advanced Imaging – $350 MRI, CT, Nuclear
X-rays, Ultrasound – $80
Mammography – $125

You have 100% access to your personal primary care physician. Great primary care generally addresses 80% or more of a person’s medical needs. When you visit your Primary Care Physician, you submit the visit to New Era Health and receive the pre-determined payment directly from New Era Health. If you do need healthcare services outside of your primary care physician’s office, since our negotiated cash rates are so much lower than those in the current insurance-based system, then the indemnity payment you receive typically covers a much larger percentage of the cost.

Indemnity insurance is underwritten and can require a health screening questionnaire. So, the cost varies. Please contact us for more details regarding the cost of the indemnity options. We will put you in touch with licensed brokers for New Era who will explain the products and provide pricing information. New Era products can be tailored to meet your desired level of protection and reimbursement.

New Era offers a Critical Illness Insurance Policy and Accident Expense Insurance Policy for those desiring additional protection. These additional policies add more robust indemnity to further protect against catastrophic financial loss resulting from unforeseen events. Again, please contact us for more details regarding the various options, and we will put you in touch with licensed brokers for New Era.

While the insurance system is built upon a one-size-fits-all model, this approach allows individuals to choose their desired level of reimbursement.

No. The indemnity insurance product pays a fixed amount. If you stay within the low-cost healthcare community of HIPnation-PrimaryCarePlusSM, then the reimbursement dollars will cover more of the cost of care, but you are free to see whomever you choose.

Healthcare As It Should Be

Healthcare and wellness services for you and your family should be both accessible and affordable. To contact us and learn more, please click HERE. To join HIPnation please click HERE.