Pediatrics involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pediatricians be used as the primary care physician for individuals up to age 21 although our HIPnation primary care physicians can see middle schoolers and older. With the HIPnation pediatrics solution, members will pay a copay for each visit and vaccines will be paid for by members at a low, cash-based rate.

Availability of our pediatricians is via their normal, clinic based schedule.  24/7 access to your doctor is only available with the Primary Care Physicians.

Dr. Shefali Chheda

Harmony Pediatrics

1800 Abbey Ct, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Office: 770-268-0110

Office Hours:

Monday          9:00 – 5:00
Tuesday          9:00 – 5:00
Wednesday    9:00 – 5:00
Thursday        9:00 – 5:00
Friday              9:00 – 5:00

Dr. Shefali Chheda is a board-certified pediatrician who serves the residents of Alpharetta, Georgia, and the surrounding communities. Born in New York, and raised in Texas, Dr. Chheda received her education in the northeast. Dr. Chheda earned her undergraduate degree at Boston University and her M.D. at University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. After graduating from medical school and completing her residency, Dr. Chheda chose to open her practice in Georgia. She is fully licensed and insured to practice pediatric medicine in the state of Georgia.                                                                                     

Along with conventional medical treatments, Dr. Chheda specializes in alternative therapies as well. She firmly believes in the practice of holistic medicine and chooses to offer her patients as many options as possible.  As a firm believer that both types of medicine have a place in maintaining good health, this includes the use of immunizations and vaccinations to prevent serious illnesses from affecting both children and adults. Her approach to the diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases and health conditions is essential to maintaining optimum health in all ways, including body, mind, and spirit. By providing holistic healthcare early in life, children are better able to fend off many types of medicine-resistant disease.

Dr. Chheda believes in establishing a lifelong rapport with her patients.  She has seen many of her patients from birth until their graduation from high school and college. She has even been invited to many of their weddings.

Dr. Chheda treats each of her patients as if they are her own children. She feels that by establishing bonds with her patients and their parents, they will feel more comfortable with her and her staff. It also allows her the opportunity to better understand each of her patient’s needs. This gives her an opportunity to provide them with the best healthcare possible on all levels.


  • "My daughter Ann injured her knee and needed immediate medical attention. In less than 24 hours, we were enrolled in Hip nation and saw an Internal Medicine Doctor and Orthopedic Doctor plus my daughter was equipped with a knee brace and crutches and an xray all for $400. That would never have happened that quick and for that cost had I done it out of pocket or through a high deductible medical plan."  C.P.
  • "We have 4 children. Easy access to our doctor is important to me. Our primary care doctor handles almost everything for our family. What a difference it makes having 24/7 access to our doctor! I suspected my son had strep throat: I called the office; they made an appointment to see the doctor within 30 minutes; we saw the doctor; she did the test and gave me the prescription and we had the medicine all within 2 hours. Everything about the experience was personal and efficient. That makes all the difference!"  J.B.
  • "We are a family of three who originally had health insurance through our jobs, but lost it due to rising costs. We knew we needed to do something to have good health insurance, so we went onto the healthcare marketplace and bought a policy. Several months later we just couldn't handle the financial strain. Our premiums were through the roof and we were afraid to go to the doctor because it was just going to cost so much anyway. We needed a change. Our experience with HIP has been exactly what we hoped. It is simple. It is easy. We got so tired of the run around with insurance and it always felt like we weren't even getting any value. HIP has changed that because our costs our lower, the connection to our doctor is so much simpler and we couldn't be happier. We are saving thousands each year. The biggest question really is, why doesn't everybody do this?"  C.B.
  • "Even as a Type 1 Diabetic, I have saved thousands of dollars this year while receiving the best care ever! My doctors care about me and do what is best for me. Insurance companies no longer control my care - my physicians do."  D.B.
  • "Our family has always been hesitant to go to the doctor, mainly because of all the hassle. Even getting prescriptions filled was a time consuming and challenging thing for us. With HIP, it's much better. I can think of one example on particular where I was heading out of town in a few weeks. I needed some medication before then and over the counter meds weren't working. So I called my doctor and told her the situation. She prescribed something for me over the phone, sent it to the pharmacy, and I was able to pick it up. Easy."  C.A.B.
  • "My experience with HIPnation started immediately with my first prescription I had to pick up. I have been on a medication for the last few years after a surgery. I have paid $40.00 as my copay each month when I picked this up at Walgreens. When I lost my insurance, it cost me $234.00 for the next month so I needed an answer. I was able to go to Concord Pharmacy in Johns Creek as a member of HIPnation and get the same medication for $17.50. Crazy!"  B.H.
  • "I wanted to share our family's story of how HIP Primary Care Plus has already impacted our monthly prescription drug costs. My husband has had some heart issues in the past and takes 4 different medications. Since we each have a deductible to meet the cost of my husband's 4 prescriptions had been running about $500 each time we re-filled for a 90 day supply. As soon as we joined HIP, we called to have Concord Pharmacy in the John's Creek area, refill our medications and we were shocked at the difference we had to pay. We were able to purchase three of the four medications my husband took and my two medications, all generics for $225.00 for a 90 day supply. When the pharmacist gave us the price, we asked him to check to he had rung up all of the medications as the price was so low! We saved $300 on my husband's prescriptions and saved $200 on my medications in the first month. My advice is that everyone should find out more about HIP Primary Care Plus and see if this is a program for you. We know it has met our needs and believe it can for anyone!!!" D.R.G.
  • "We just signed up our daughter and son in law in Hip Nation. We met Dr. Shaikh on Monday and have to say she is the best primary care physician we have ever seen in our 61 years! What a wonderful doctor and have already used the 24/7 access with a few minor questions and received an immediate response. Such a wonderful way to practice medicine!"  G.C.
  • "This is pretty Amazing. Thanks so much for the help. Really appreciate it, as it will make a big, big difference in my quality of life."  P.B.

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